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AdventureRooms is a real-life escape the room game that was started in March 2012 as a high school project by a science teacher in Bern, Switzerland. It is considered one of the pioneers of the new game concept and is one of the most famous escape games worldwide. 

Its main influences were adventure computer games from the 1900s, Hungarian escape games and scientific experiments. The scientific character of its games and the movie-like experience distinguishes AdventureRooms games from similar games.

Another innovation was the introduction of "duels", where two teams can play the same game at the same time against each other. This game option is used for larger groups, mainly by companies for team building events and schools for out-of-classroom activities.

The game that is so successful in Switzerland, Canada, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Austria, Qatar, Poland, Australia, Kuwait, Ireland, Russia, Norway and Peru is now finally available in Cyprus.

About the Adventure

The adventure is thrilling, but not dangerous at all. It contains no horror elements, requires no physical exertion and is suitable for ages 14+. However, kids less than 14 can play as long as they are accompanied by an adult in the rooms. We do not have an upper age limit. Our game is unique in the genre (room escape games) because it focuses on the puzzles and experiments with real objects. All puzzles are developed and tested in the AR Lab and are 100% genuine. It is an exciting recreational activity for couples, friends and families. It can also be a unique and fun corporate team building event as well as an interesting out of the classroom learning activity for students.

To solve the puzzles different talents are required. Everyone must do their part. Individual fighters have no chance. Puzzles will enhance logic, critical thinking, ability to work under pressure, communication and team work. To be successful, groups must use each player’s strengths to the team’s advantage in order to accomplish a mutual goal.

The Game

There are three great games to choose from: The aim of the Original Game is to steal the magic formula from the mad scientist in under 60 minutes! The Missing Finger (70 minutes) is the code that the ghost of the beheaded Black Queen is sending you in order to escape from the room where you are locked - no more said! The EGO GAME is a moving game and dedicated to team building whilst each player has a secret task to accomplish without being noticed!!!

In all games you can choose either the Plain or the Duel Format. In this way we can accommodate simultaneously 26 people in only one slot of time. In the Tournament Format we can host up to 39 people – ask us about it…)


Plain Format

Duel Format

Tournament Format

The Original Game

2-6 people

7-12 people

13+ people

The Missing Finger

3-7 people

8-14 people

15+ people

The EGO Game

4-12 people

13-24 people


All challenges include cracking puzzles, solving riddles, and performing experiments with simple, everyday usual items you find in the room. Before the start of each game, the teams are briefed on the rules of the game and afterwards, there is time for the team players to relax in the backyard over a soft drink and light meal, reliving their experience and discussing their tactics!

The Adventure in Nicosia

The first branch of AdventureRooms in Cyprus is established in an old listed and traditional building in the centre of old Strovolos, Nicosia. There, in our traditional backyard we host teenager birthday parties, company and team-building events, reunions, hen parties, wedding proposals (!) etc…


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